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Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble at WSB

Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble at WSB

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Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble

We are delighted to announce the Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble gave two performances for our students and anyone in our community who are able to attend. They have lovely programs: one geared for Children’s Garden through Grade 3 and another geared for Grade 4 and up.
Each performance will have a variety of music and poetry pieces suitable for the age level. And each performance will also include a story. For the younger children a Japanese tale: “The Magic Teakettle.” For the older students a Cornish tale: “Duffy and the Devil.” 

Hope to see you there. Our students love to see Eurythmy performed professionally and we happily welcome back the Pennsylvania Eurythmy Ensemble to Baltimore.



- Written by Noris Friedman, WSB Eurythmy Teacher