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Announcing WSB Lower School Nature Study Class

Announcing WSB Lower School Nature Study Class

Nature Study

WSB is proud to announce that starting in autumn 2015 we will be offering our 1st through 5th grade students a Nature Study Class, once a week. Our Sustainability Coordinator, Michel Anderson, will be facilitating the course. Over the last year, Michel has been focusing on Sustainability & Nature-based Education in his graduate studies at Antioch University. Nature-based education is about grounding our understanding of the world and its complexities in the beauty of nature. In the Waldorf tradition of offering developmentally appropriate learning, students will engage in observational journaling, self-guided questioning, pattern recognition exercises, math and literacy exercises, local and natural history lessons, and much, much more. During this course, students will be going outside in every weather condition (unless deemed unsafe). Parents please ensure students come to school ready to explore the natural world every day.

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