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Camping and Canoeing on the Pocomok

Camping and Canoeing on the Pocomok

WSB 6th Grade Trip

The sixth and seventh grades went on a camping trip to the Pocomoke River setting up base camp at Shad Landing.  On Wednesday, May 27th, after unpacking our tents, we canoed up Corkers Creek.  Corkers Creek is a small tributary that flows into the Pocomoke River.  It took us about half the canoe trip to actually get the paddling down so we moved effectively along.  On Thursday, May 28th, we got to canoe up the Pocomoke River to Nassawango Creek.   This was much harder than our previous paddle because the water was moving faster and  there was more air flow pushing us across the river to the other side.  Friday, May 29th, we didn’t get to canoe, but hiked the Trail of Change, a one mile loop that shows diversity of vegetation in the area.  It took us through soft wood trees to a Cyprus swamp and finally to the mountain laurels in bloom.  Ms. Mulvihill gave us trivia questions about the Pocomoke area.  We learned a lot about history and wildlife.  When our time came to go home, I was not wanting to leave.  The trip had been so much fun!  We can’t wait to go camping again in the fall.

Written by Hannah Korn


Last week, the 6th and 7th grades went on a camping trip to Shad Landing on the Pocomoke River. While there, we canoed, hiked and played bocce ball. Upon arrival, we set up our tents and headed to the river for an afternoon of canoeing Corker's Creek. We were put into teams of three, the bow paddler, the sheba, and the steersman, and off we went. The canoeing was fun as we made our way through lily pads, around fallen trees, and between cypress roots. On our way back to the marina, we were having so much fun we missed the turn until the lead boat of Mrs. Mulvihill and Mrs. Arnold realized that we had gone too far and we turned around. When we returned to camp, Mr. Bufano had made a delicious dinner of chicken fajitas with corn, onions and peppers. They were very flavorful. That night we built a fire, made s'mores, and relaxed in our tents.

The next day, we woke up to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, chicken and potatoes and off we went to the marina. This time we paddled up the Pocomoke River to Nasawango Creek. Christian Bechman and I were the sweepers, which came last, making sure everyone was OK. On the return trip, we got to be the lead canoe setting the pace. We we enjoyed snack on the water and made our way back to camp. After a hearty lunch, we hiked the Trail of Change. The trail goes through the woods and cypress swamps surrounding the Pocomoke River. Other activities we enjoyed were catching frogs, observing wildlife, and playing bocce ball. Despite being exhausted, we could have stayed another day.

Written by Nathan LaClair

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