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Middle School Visiting Day - March 4

Middle School Visiting Day - March 4

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Explore Waldorf at our Middle School Visiting Day on Friday, March 4.  The Our Middle School curriculum addresses the beginning of student reasoning capacities. Adolescents move from being mostly active discoverers of the world with the class teacher’s guidance toward greater critical thinking. More and more, they engage in dialogue and synthesize information from varied sources to draw their own reasoned conclusions.

Main Lesson: 
Physics - Grade 6
Age of Exploration - Grade 7
History-Grade 8

10:15 - 10:30am
Refreshments and Q&A:
Middle School Life & Curriculum – with Middle School Teachers
Alexandrea Arnold & Donald Bufano

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School / Grade: 
Early Childhood
Lower School
Middle School
Aftercare & Earlybirds
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