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School Event

Alumni Bonfire (over 21s)

We will gather round a bonfire on the playground to reconnect, tell tales, laugh, sing and jam, with beverages (provided). Over 21s only please.

The Shepherds' Play

The faculty perform the Shepherds' Play as a gift to the community. 3:45pm in Tamarind Hall

Dan Levine "Word of Mouth"-TH

Discover how we impact our community as we explore the power of "Word of Mouth." This workshop is led by Independent School Consultant Dan Levine. TH booked all day.

Lantern Loading-1 Bus

1 Bus. Edna will load the lantern onto the bus to take to the Lantern Parade.

5th Grade Devali Festival-2:30pm

5th grade are celebrating Devali (the east Indian festival of light) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 2:30 in their classroom. Parents are welcome.

Talent Show-TH-7pm

Auditions will be held ahead of our Talent Show. All children, teachers, parents, alumni encouraged to participate