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Camping and Canoeing on the Pocomok

WSB 6th Grade Trip

The sixth and seventh grades went on a camping trip to the Pocomoke River setting up base camp at Shad Landing.  On Wednesday, May 27th, after unpacking our tents, we canoed up Corkers Creek.  Corkers Creek is a small tributary that flows into the Pocomoke River.  It took us about half the canoe trip to actually get the paddling down so we moved effectively along.  On Thursday, May 28th, we got to canoe up the Pocomoke River to Nassawango Creek.

Wilderness Adventure for 8th Graders

WSB 8th Grade Trip

There is a good deal of hand-wringing these days about the sad condition of our nation’s children. “Flabby couch potatoes! Pale, pasty, computer-game addicts!” Yet I’m pleased to report that the Waldorf School eighth grade, to a student, demonstrated exceptional fitness, enthusiasm, and courage during their camping retreat at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing in Virginia. Here are their perceptions of their experience: