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"Be the Change" holds an event in Tamarind Hall from 5-9pm.

Rental-Harris Family-TH

Tamarind Hall will be used for a celebration. Set-up will take all day and the event will be over by 10pm.

AIMS Counselors-LB

Christa Marvenko-Athas is hosting a group of AIMS school counselors in the Library from 8-11am.

Divine Life Church Service-ER

The Divine Life Church of Falls Rd is holding their services in our Eurythmy room, 6th grade classroom and 2nd floor faculty lounge, thru January 31, 2019. They will use Tamarind Hall instead of the Eurythmy Room on Nov 18th.

Time includes set-up, service and breakdown. Contact person is Betsy McMahan 410 591-2626.


Baltimore Orff Schulwerks are renting the Eurythmy Room for a singing class