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Alumni Profiles

Meet Our Graduates

Waldorf schools have nurtured the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of chil­dren for nearly 100 years. Our arts-integrated, experiential curriculum is shaped to a student’s needs at each stage of development and edu­cates the whole person – head, heart, hands. Meet our graduates and learn about their lives.

Ruth Goldstein, Ph.D
Class of 1993
Assistant Professor in the Gender & Women’s Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Received her doctorate in 2015 from University of California, Berkeley

Nathan W. Bailey
Class of 1999
Film and Commercial Production Designer/Art Director
Los Angeles, California

Bryant Burns
Class of 1996
Consultant Relations Manager
Baltimore, Maryland

Beth Links
Class of 2001
Student, Dartmouth College, Medical School
Hanover, New Hampshire

Ben Redgrave
Class of 2006
Junior, New York University,
Gallatin School
New York, New York

Sophie Hinderberger
Class of 1998
Baltimore, Maryland

Erin Burk
Class of 1997
English Teacher
South Korea

Matthew Nierenberg
Class of 2000
Software Engineer, Raytheon Solipsys
Fulton, Maryland

Laura Connelly
Class of 2000
Project Manager
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Baltimore, Maryland

Helen Levin
Class of 2000
Graduate, Columbia University
Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design
New York, New York

Areca H’lael Sampson
Class of 1989
Diplomat, U.S. Department of State
Montreal, Canada

Corrie Gelblum
Class of 2002
Baltimore, Maryland

Kyle Turner
Class of 1999
A Freelance Music Producer/ Engineer & DJ
Brooklyn, New York

Danielle Kurtz Emmet
Class of 2001
Student, Mills College
Post Baccalaureate/Pre-Med Program
Oakland, California

Carole McClintock
Class of 1998
Graduate, American Film Institute
Master of Fine Arts, Cinematography
Los Angeles, California

Allison Goodwin
Class of 1995
Boston, Massachusetts

Mackenzie Paull
Class of 2000
Director, Retail and Economic Development
Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

John Richardson
Class of 2011
Sophomore, Guilford College
Greensboro, North Carolina

Patrick Rawle
Class of 2006
Junior, Muhlenberg College
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Ben Gallagher
Class of 2006
Timber Framer and Youth Counselor, Hawk Circle
Cooperstown, New York

Ben Pittman
Class of 1999
Teacher, Recovery School District
New Orleans, Louisiana

Ayla Zeimer
Class of 2001
Farm Management
Portland, Maine