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Pasadena Waldorf Names Jena L. Hoffman New Business Administrator

Congratulations to the Pasadena Waldorf School community on the addition of their new Business Administrator Jena L. Hoffman! We wish Ms. Hoffman and our friends and colleagues at PWS many years of healthy growth and happy success. 

I’m a Developer. I Won’t Teach My Kids to Code, and Neither Should You.

Education trends come and go. However, the importance of nurturing your child's curiosity, imagination, and comfort with the unknown will never change.

"Coding is not the new literacy... There are no books that teach you how to solve a problem no one has seen before. This is why I don’t want my kids to learn syntax. I want them to learn to solve problems, to dive deep into an issue, to be creative. So how do we teach that?"

The Case for Creative Play in a Digital Age

Weekends are the perfect time to disconnect from electronics and reconnect over "low-tech" toys, books, and games. Heed the American Academy of Pediatrics word of advice and swap all those bells and whistles for sticks and nature walks in our Saturday Parent and Child class! 

Speaking to Your Baby in This Particular Way Can Help Their Language Skills

Dive into parenting topics, such as how to speak to your baby, with our weekday Parent and Child classes, starting today! ​

Q. What is "Parentese"?

A. "It’s not baby-talk or made-up speech. Instead, it’s the way you talk to your baby — the sounds your voice makes, the intonation, and how clearly you speak. To speak parentese you need to slow down, exaggerating vowels and upping intonation. Real vocabulary is more than acceptable: It’s necessary."

Harvard Study Shows the Dangers of Early School Enrollment

Instead of opting-out, parents should OPT-IN to Waldorf education's approach to preserving the treasured, formative years of childhood with proven, developmentally appropriate methods of academic/life preparedness. Start your journey today with our Thursday Winter Parent and Child classes! 

Waldorf Academy In Toronto Focuses On Gender Identity In Winter Fair

Congrats to our colleagues at the Waldorf Academy in Toronto for continuing to make strides that are inclusive and reflective of our shared human experience. ​

#TravelTuesday to Colegio Waldorf School in Guatemala

Sending a special hashtag-Travel-Tuesday to our 4th grade teacher Ms. Wilner for extending Winter Break by one week to help train Waldorf teacher colleagues at the Colegio Waldorf School in Guatemala! 

A Grading Strategy That Puts the Focus on Learning From Mistakes

New Year. New approach to learning from our mistakes. 

Some teachers have stopped giving grades altogether to try to refocus class on learning instead of on grades... [Teachers need to] continually remind them that in seventh grade it's more important that they learn the math than that they get a certain grade....

The Expectation Gap | Deborah Gilboa | TEDxCMU

New Year. New healthy expectations of our children.  ​

Closing the expectation gap between what adults believe today's youth is capable of, and allowing them to create their own solutions to today (and tomorrow's) biggest challenges will impact society greatly in the next 5-10 years...

Conic Sections in Clay

New Year. New goal to brush up on our math skills so that we may keep pace with our Waldorf students!  

Jamie York’s Art of Teaching Math™ Workshops go online through March 2019 and we’re kicking off this season with a free video from our 8th Grade Online Workshop on Conic Sections... a topic that Waldorf schools introduce earlier than in the world of mainstream math education. And we do it through working with the imagination! Let’s remember, math should exercise and develop our imagination.