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Children actively participate in their own learning at WSB.
Children actively participate in their own learning at WSB.

Kindergarten at the Waldorf School of Baltimore provides a strong foundation for academic success in elementary school and beyond by stimulating intellectual curiosity, encouraging the imagination, and nurturing personal growth.

Our mixed age kindergarten serves children from 4–6 years of age. This group acts as a family in which children learn from one another in age-appropriate ways. Our classroom environment and the rhythm of the day offer the sense of security essential to inspire confidence and exploration. As children’s attention span and ability to work independently increases, older children help their younger peers complete projects, practicing responsibility for others and forging confidence in their own abilities.

Free play remains at the heart of the day in kindergarten. Physical play helps children develop persistence, motor skills, physical strength and endurance, creative thinking, willingness to take risks, and intellectual curiosity—all of which support ongoing academic and social success.

In our kindergarten, children make their own toys, tools, and learning devices. They actively participate in food preparation. By making things themselves, students experience the process from start to finish. This develops persistence, sequencing skills, and attention.

Reading continues to be taught from a model that encourages comprehension, inference, imagination, the ability to relate one part of a story to another, and increased focus and attention span. The core reading activity is teacher-led story time, using puppets and complex multicultural folk and fairytales.

Each day offers a careful balance of quieter, receptive activities and more active, hands-on experiences, keeping children fully engaged and respecting the unique developmental needs of children in kindergarten.

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