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Nature Studies

Nature Studies

Nature Studies

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

Rocks which can write on other rocks. Cracks in seemingly impenetrable boulders. Emerald green moss thriving in an otherwise sleeping forest.

These were just a few of the keen observations which ignited imaginations and incited exciting discussions among WSB's grade one students, seen here, on their weekly nature walk this week.

The approach to science in the early grades starts with imaginative nature walks and stories. Time in nature builds in children the sense of wonder and curiosity that is the essential foundation for the more in depth studies of botany, mineralogy, plant life, mycology, and zoology which will emerge in later elementary school.

So while this may look like just a walk in the woods, we at Waldorf know it is anything but.

What a wonderful way to learn and grow.

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