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Parents in the News: All Parents Evening

Parents in the News: All Parents Evening

2015 All Parents Evening

Last Wednesday evening, January 28th, our All Parents Evening started quietly with everyone enjoying snacks and conversation, in the lobby, until the bell rang and parents hurried off to class. So began a busy evening of experience, explanation and understanding. The Mini Main Lesson period with Class Teachers was followed by different subject classes – Library, Handwork, Eurythmy, Orchestra, Music, and Spanish.  

Questions, conversation, and discussion filled the hallways and classrooms as families gained a deeper understanding into the school life of their own child … and enjoyed a very hands-on evening. Our evening together ended at 8:30pm with warm wishes and thanks expressed by parents and faculty alike. We want you to know about your child’s daily experience. Come and observe – let us set up a visit for you. Contact Lynn Bufano (Admissions Manager) at  Read comments from parents experience and view more photographs of our parent evening. 



"At my daughter’s last school I was used to knowing about curriculum but this gave me a chance to meet the teachers. Now I have a picture of who are the teachers are and what they do.”

"I was exhausted I can't believe how much concentration and thought it takes to do Eurythmy. It’s a lot harder than my kid makes it look.”

"My son is very fortunate to get to participate in the fun activities we saw." 

"It made me realize how much the teachers challenge the children in so many different ways. It really is a whole child education.”

“I loved that we were so active … even when we were sitting at the desk. That’s what children need … it’s the best way to learn”.

“The music class was fantastic … we had to concentrate, coordinate, and listen all at the same time.”

“I really enjoyed all the classes; it helped me understand what is ahead is for my child”

“I learned a lot about why the subjects are taught that way.” 

"I totally would have loved to be a Waldorf Student."


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