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Toni Kirby

Toni Kirby

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Lower School
Grade 3
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Toni Kirby will be taking up the third grade while Angélie Guilbaud is on leave.  Toni’s background is in visual arts with a Masters in creative writing.  Toni first came to the Waldorf School when she and her husband enrolled their son into the middle school. Previous to enrolling her son in the Waldorf School, Toni home schooled her son from first-fifth grade using a combination of Calvert home school and Waldorf Inspired home-school curriculum. Soon after he graduated eighth grade, Toni became a substitute teacher at WSB. For the last two years, she substituted in every grade and in most subjects, and fell in love with the community and Waldorf Education.  She expresses a special connection with this class.

Toni has completed the Waldorf foundation studies, Explorations, and attended the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America Teacher’s conferences this spring. Toni is committed to completing her Waldorf Teacher training. She took two Waldorf teaching classes this summer including the third grade preparation class, and will enroll in the next level of training this fall.

Toni is a yoga teacher and enjoys bringing yoga to the community. She also helps care for a cousin’s farm and their animals, and looks forward to bringing her experiences of farm life to the students during their farming and gardening studies.