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School Event

Eurythmy & Music Showcase-6pm

On April 29th, eurythmy will join the music spring concert, sharing through zoom. Each grade will share stories and poems drawing from the school year, each sharing will be pre-recorded.

8th Grade Play-2pm via zoom

8th grade will present their Radio play, Inherit the Wind, to the public via Zoom at 2pm.

G8 Play Rehearsal

 8th grade will be rehearsing exclusively for the three weeks before the performance. Check with Mr Ciofalo if you would like to request an exception,

Accepted CG-G8 Students Morning-10am

All newly-accepted students and their families are invited. You'll have a zoom link sent from Ilene Wise.

Talent Show-zoom 7pm

Auditions will be held ahead of our Talent Show. All children in grades 4-8 are encouraged to participate.

All teachers, parents, and alumni encouraged to attend and enjoy the show on Feb. 19. The zoom link to watch will be on the parent portal.