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School Event

8th Grade Play rehearsals-TH

8th grade perform their play 4 times (Wed Apr 26- in house, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th evenings and Saturday 29th matinee)

CG Spring Festival

The 5 CG classes will each go at one of the following times:






Waldorf Fair

The Annual Waldorf Fair and Artesian Market Place

A Magical Family Experience : March 4, 2023 - 10am-4pm

Talent Show

Grades 4 and up may audition to perform in the Talent Show. Parents of kids in Grades 4-8 are welcome to attend.

December Assembly-10am-TH (pls mask)

Various grades will perform in this December Assembly. Parents invited to attend, pls mask.

Soccer: Wolves @ The Odyssey School-3:45pm

We will be having an away game at The Odyssey School on October 20th at 3:45pm. The Odyssey School is located at:

3257 Bridle Ridge Lane, Lutherville, Maryland 21093