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green dragon bytes

Welcome to our Green Dragon Bytes blog.

This is a compilation of blog posts highlighting how we are exploring nature and connecting our children with the planet around them. This series explores the Waldorf School of Baltimore's sustainability projects and efforts. Here you will find up-to-date news about what we’re doing to deepen our commitment to a sustainable future. You will also be able to learn about the various projects our students our doing to grow and strengthen their relationship with the Earth.

Green Dragon Bytes: Playing in Nature

Take a look as Ms. Jung leads our Cherry Tree class on fall a nature adventure. Many exciting and imaginative discoveries were made.

Green Dragon Bytes: Leaf Dipping

On last week’s cold, blustery, and rainy Friday third grade nature studies collected leafs, and dipped them into hot beeswax (carefully of course). Waxed leafs make a wonderful fall decoration.

The wax makes the colors, and structures on the leafs pop, and inspired the children to go look for the most beautiful, interesting, unique leafs.

It was a good lesson about the beauty of nature.

Green Dragon Bytes: What About That Snake!?

Third grade went on a nature walk for nature studies. Our destination: The brook below Elephant Rock.

After we arrived there I asked the six third graders to notice something interesting and let me know after the found it. The six swarmed out, and after a little while called me over excitedly!!! They had found a snake!! 

Green Dragon Bytes: How About that Moss?

First and second grade went on a walk to Elephant Rock. Before free play, they were tasked with finding one thing they find interesting, and then tell us what they noticed, what they wondered about, and what it reminded them off.


Green Dragon Bytes: How Biodegradable Is It, Actually?

WSB's Nature Studies Teacher Maren Jung talks about composting and biodegradable materials.

I wanted to talk about composting some more. I recently read an article in the New York Times about biodegradable plastics. The interesting thing I was reminded of was that biodegradable does not necessarily mean you can throw it onto your home composting heap, bucket, container etc.