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Parent Child Classes

Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden
Our youngest students learn through imitation and sensory exploration.

Woodland Friends is our new 2017 Parent Child Class. Encourage your child to engage with nature through imaginative play, gardening activities, and adventurous walks exploring our certified wildlife habitat. Watch as your child experiences spring through stories and songs, along with preparing and sharing wholesome snacks. With the guidance of our Parent Child teacher, children 10 months to 3 years of age develop an early appreciation for the natural world, cultivating social skills and a basic understanding of what it means to be part of a larger community of friends.

Summer Woodland Friends Parent Child Class 2016-2017
Toddler class July 11 - July 27 Tuesday & Thursday | Six Sessions | $240 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Register Today

Parent & Child classes lay the building blocks for elementary school. Science and math are introduced as tools for the exploration of movement and the physical properties of the natural world through play. Reading is rooted in language acquisition and the development of a rich imagination. Writing begins with strengthening the small motor skills. The teacher gently guides the natural play and interaction of the class towards healthy acquisition of these important skills, while the children do the activities at their own pace and in their own style.

The day has a rhythm that becomes familiar to participants, providing the secure foundation for learning. Children play both indoors and out in all seasons, experiencing the natural world through play and movement. Partner games and finger play allow teachers and parents to meet the child’s imagination with examples of rich language, healthy movement, and joyful social interaction.

Each week the class collaboratively prepares soup and bread. The smell of fresh baked bread brings parents and children to the snack table with enthusiasm to share in the healthy snack. The children receive the benefits of completing something together from start to finish with a rich sensory experience. They are active participants in supporting their own health which in turn supports their learning.

Daily and seasonal rhythms provide the basis for experiencing the joy of working together to complete meaningful projects over time, such as preparations for seasonal festivals. For our November festival, for example, families gather one evening to walk and sing under the stars, carrying candlelit lanterns each parent and child made together that autumn. Walking along a path of luminaries, families bring light into the darkness of the coming winter season.

Waldorf Parent Child classes are specially designed to engage infants and toddlers to age three. Working through the developmentally appropriate means of touch, movement, and imitation, teachers lead parents and their children to explore the world around them through multi- sensory collaboration. This exploration offers a healthy balance between the child’s essential, natural initiative for independence and a safe introduction to peer cooperation.

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