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A Million Pieces—Sabina's Self Portrait

A Million Pieces—Sabina's Self Portrait

Hi, my name is Sabina. I am fourteen years old and autistic. Music is a big part of my life. Music is a way for me to express myself when I find it hard to speak. I use music, movement, and visual arts to express myself when I go nonverbal. For my project, I composed a musical piece. Which you can hear [on the Waldorf Dropbox page]. I took prerecorded loops and combined them into a song.

I made most of my project out of LEGOS. The reason why I picked LEGOS is they can support each other when you build with them. You can make a strong foundation to grow on. I chose to make skulls because they show who I am on the inside. Even though on the outside I don’t look like everyone else, on the inside I am the same. I made three skulls, each one has about two hundred fifty pieces. Which is a total of seven hundred sixty legos! The reason I made three skulls is because a triangle is the strongest shape, and I value emotional strength. I made flowers because I am still growing like them. I chose to make the first four words that people would think to describe me. These words are “kind,” “smart,” “quiet,” and “selfless.” The umbrella has the word autistic embroidered on it because people refer to the spectrum as being under a wide umbrella. Since I am autistic I have this wide umbrella to show who I am.

While creating my self portrait project I learned that with all the stress from the stay at home order and online schooling, having some downtime to work with LEGOS really calms me down. Throughout this project I also learned that a way for me to relieve stress is to work with my hands.