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Middle School

Middle School

Students in grades 6–8 are challenged to strengthen their individuality while collaborating effectively.
Students in grades 6–8 are challenged to strengthen their individuality while collaborating effectively.

Step into the dynamic realm of Middle School, where the intellectual horizons of developing students unfurl and deepen.

These transformative years mark a significant expansion in both the content and quantity of subjects, providing a rich tapestry of knowledge that sparks new perceptions about the world.

As myths and stories metamorphose into the study of civilizations, students embark on a captivating journey through the annals of history—from the ancient world to modern times and current events. The middle school experience at Waldorf is not just about acquiring facts; it's a process of discovery, an exploration that fuels a life-long love of learning.

Our experimental, hands-on approach remains the bedrock of study, ensuring that each student actively engages with the learning process. Through this immersive methodology, students not only absorb information but also develop a profound understanding of the art of discovery and the power of creative, divergent thinking—the true foundation for a successful life-long intellectual journey.

Middle school years serve as a bridge to high school, laying the groundwork for a future filled with curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of knowledge. At Waldorf Middle School, education transcends the ordinary, fostering not just scholars but passionate, lifelong learners. In our rigorous and engaging curriculum students traverse the terrain of complex and abstract thought, delving into subjects such as algebra, Euclidean geometry, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and anatomy and physiology. This intellectual exploration takes them from observation to exact measurement to analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the world around them.

Beyond equations and scientific principles, the curriculum extends to the intricacies of human relationships and societal dynamics. Readings and discussions delve into issues of law, societal conflicts, and the evolution of civilizations, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness among people, cultures, and ideas. Concepts of ethics and community take root as students explore the biographies of individuals who have faced challenges, making a lasting impact on the world.

As the middle school years culminate in Grade 8, Waldorf students emerge as well-rounded individuals brimming with confidence and a genuine zest for learning. They carry a robust foundation that serves as a springboard for their educational journeys and future contributions to the broader community. The intellectual, emotional, and practical pillars upon which their education rests fortify them, enabling them not only to navigate the future but to actively shape it for themselves and their fellow human beings. In Waldorf, education transcends mere academia—it cultivates individuals poised to make meaningful and positive impacts on the world.

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Connelly, Laura Fiber Arts Assistant Teacher Faculty, Handwork, Sustainability, Parent
Goodhill, Mikko Class Teacher Faculty, Physical Education/Sports, Parent
Gurreri, Lea Class Teacher Faculty, Parent
Harris, Christina Educational Support Specialist Past Parent, Faculty, Tutoring & Testing
Hickey, Patrick Art and Woodwork Teacher Faculty, Art, Parent
Jung, Maren Applied Fiber Arts Teacher Faculty, Handwork
Kandel, David MS Math Teacher Past Parent, Faculty
Marvenko-Athas, Christa Visiting School Counselor Administration
Pasion, Graciela Spanish Teacher, Collegium Member Faculty, Language 410-367-6808 ext 380
Tarver, Demond Stduent Life Coordinator and After School Sports Coach Faculty, Physical Education/Sports
Valencia, Jennifer Class Teacher Past Parent, Collegium, Faculty, Parent
Valluzzi, CarlaJean Full-time Substitute Faculty, Parent
Vernon, Colleen Movement Teacher Faculty, Eurythmy
Weisheit, Kim Choral Music Teacher, Chair, Festivals Committee Past Parent, Faculty, Music, Festivals Committee 410-367-6808 ext 363