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Visit Our School

Visit Our School

Experience bread baking in the Children's Garden during our Parent & Child Classes.





This digital class will give an overview of what Waldorf education in Baltimore looks like while answering all of your questions. Join Admission Director Ilene Wise for a special Q&A session. Register on Ticketleap or by reaching out to Ilene for dates and times. She will send you a link to tune in.

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Summer Parent Child class will be held from Aug. 2 through the 13. For two weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, parents and their children will be able to explore Waldorf education in our beautiful outdoor classrooms. The Parent Child class experience is designed for children 10 months to three years old. Register on Ticketleap.





An important aspect of Waldorf education is the celebration of festivals. Every season offers its mysteries and magic. In the Waldorf School, we present the seasons as a living process through our celebrations. Every festival has its own unique place in the course of the year. A living calendar of rhythm and harmony with nature is created through our seasonal festivals and celebrations.

Festival of Courage – Michaelmas Pageant
Autumn Festival
Lantern Walks
Halloween Costume Parade
Winter Garden
Festival of Light
May Day & Grandparents Day
Spring Festival



We celebrate the accomplishments and work of our students in specialty and other academic classes throughout the school year. These events are open to our entire school community, and typically occur during the school day.

Opening Assembly
Thanksgiving/Holiday Assembly
Eurythmy Assemblies
Festival of Light (Holiday Concert)
Class Plays
Spring Concert
Spring Recitals
Closing Assembly


Parenting Workshops
Fall Celebration and Auction
Waldorf Fair
Citrus Sale
Civil Rights Celebration
Circle of Light Luncheon


Class Plays
Elementary school grades 1-8 produce a class play each year. The preparation of class plays are integrated into the Waldorf curriculum deepening students' connections to their academic studies.


Community Art Gallery
Throughout the year WSB features local artists, including students, faculty, parents/guardians, alumni, and staff.



Eurythmy is a system of gestures and rhythmic movements designed to make language, music, and rhythm visible. Arms and hands may show the pitch, the intervals between the notes, major and minor modes, and even individual chords and notes. Feet are used to emphasize staccato notes and other aspects of rhythm. Over time there is a marked improvements in one's dexterity, spatial awareness, geometry, and appreciation of music and poetry.

Please contact Mrs. Noris Friedman at for more information.