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Tuition & Fees

All Inclusive Tuition 2023-2024

Elementary and Middle School


Grades 1-4 $24,525
Grades 5-8 $24,850

Children's Garden


PRESCHOOL(2½ yrs by 8/1)
3 Mornings $10,350
3 Full Days $15,500
5 Mornings $12,925
5 Full Days $18,800
5 Full Days (5 yrs by 8/1) $22,850

Bundled Tuition

**Note: in a mixed-age Kindergarten class, tuition is determined by age. Children who are not 5 by 8/1 pay the 5 Full Day Preschool tuition in their first year of Kindergarten.

Our bundled tuition covers far more than traditional expenses. We do not ask caregivers to pay additional fees for books, our artist-quality writing and art supplies, group instrumental lessons or ensemble for grades 4 - 8, or class field and camping trips.

Tuition Payment Plans

We understand that choosing an independent school involves a significant financial commitment. The Waldorf School of Baltimore is dedicated to making our joyful and holistic approach to education accessible to all families. With this in mind, we offer multiple payment plans in addition to generous financial assistance to those who qualify.

Waldorf offers three payment options: 1 Pay, 10 Pay, or 11 Pay. Families may choose their payment date to be on the 5th or 20th of the month, starting May 20 or June 5. Families may choose their plan and payment method when completing the Enrollment Contract.

Families enrolling late, who choose an extended payment plan, will catch up with any missed payments at the time of enrollment.

Optional Fees

Aftercare Program:

An Aftercare Program is available for children enrolled in Preschool (Age 3) through Grade 8.


Optional programs that fall outside of the school day, such as after-school sports, may have additional fees.