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Aftercare & Earlybirds

Early Birds & Aftercare

Waldorf extended-day programs offer a rich program for busy families.
Waldorf extended-day programs offer a rich program for busy families.

Our free Early Birds program and flexible, fee-for-service Aftercare program help families manage a wide range of busy schedules.

Early Birds

All Waldorf students can arrive between 7:30 am and 8:00 am for Early Birds. Families do not need to register, and there is no extra charge to participate in Early Birds.

Early Bird students in nursery and kindergarten enjoy time in the Children’s Garden with care from a Children’s Garden teacher. If weather permits, children play outside, and there is always the opportunity to sit quietly at a table for breakfast. Children are invited to bring their breakfast if there is no time to eat at home. At 8:00 a.m. they say goodbye to their Early Bird friends and meet in their own teacher’s classroom for the start of Children’s Garden classes at 8:30 am.

Early Bird students in grades 1 to 8 participate in outdoor and indoor activities supervised by elementary teachers.

Forest Aftercare

Note: There are very limited spaces available in the Children's Garden aftercare program. Please contact Linda Zandler before registering.
Register for Aftercare

Flexible Aftercare offerings can be structured to meet the needs of each family.  Students may attend Aftercare one to five days a week, or on an as-needed drop-in basis. Families must register for Aftercare online.

The Forest Aftercare program is an important facet to our school community. At WSB, we recognize that today’s children are not spending as much time in natural environments as former generations. The Forest Aftercare program is designed to provide a safe space for children to cultivate a deep bond with the more-than-human world. Children enrolled in the Forest Aftercare program spend most of their time in the forest surrounding our school. Free play, gardening, animal husbandry, and guided exploration of the forest are key aspects of the program. We are outside everyday – rain, snow, or shine! Accommodations are made for students with homework. We offer a healthy afterschool snack. During inclement weather, indoor activities, crafts, and board games are available.

Our Forest Aftercare Coordinator, also teaches Nature Studies to our 1st – 5th grade Lower School students, and works with our middle school students on special projects ranging from hydroponics to community outreach, and manages our school’s many sustainability initiatives.  Meet Our Forest Aftercare Staff

Details and Fees

To learn more, email the Admissions Office or call: 410-367-6808, ext. 202

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Brooks, Aliyah Children’s Garden and Aftercare Assistant Faculty
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