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May Day and More

Week of April 29 2022 | Alumni Art Show

Earth Week

Week of April 15 2022

Week of April 8th

April Fools

Spring has Sprung

A Community of Care

Signs of Spring

5th Grade Play

Valentines Surprises

Black History Month

Lunar New Year

Magical Math

Martin Luther King Jr Week of Service

50 Years of Waldorf Education in Baltimore

Inspired Teaching

Magical Math

Martin Luther King Jr Week of Service

50 Years of Waldorf Education in Baltimore

Winter Light and Winter Assembly

Winter Garden

Woodworking and Thinking Green


Lantern Festival

Diwali, Soup, Equations

Creativity and Community

Active Learning

Autumn Festival & Gala Preview

Capes, Spoons and Apples

Festival of Courage

Cultivating our Courage

Cake, Courage and More

Newspaper Planning, Form Drawing

Middle School Retreat, Handwork Highlight

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year

Wrapping Up an Unbelievable Year

Well Wishes for the Eighth Grade

Well Wishes for the Eighth Grade

May Day and More

WHAT!? The Cicadas are Coming!

Breaking Barriers: Eighth Grade Play

Earth Day: Celebrating our Planet

Alum Artist Exhibit: Natan Lawson Installation

Celebrating the Season: Spring Edition

Spring and COVID

Pandemic Life: One Year Later

Campus is Buzzing with Excitement

Celebrating Black History Month in the Children's Garden

Celebrating Black History Month in the Lower Grades

Honoring Black History, Black Lives Matter in our Middle School

We're Having SNOW Much Fun at WSB

Share Your Story

Return to Campus Updates

Settling into the New Year

Kicking off 2021

Finding Joy This Holiday Season

Welcoming Winter in our New Gazebo

Diving Back into Our Series: Administration

A Note of Gratitude

Collegium and Decisions at WSB

Parents Association Leadership

Making Decisions at School

What is Central Team?

Children's Garden Autumn Festival

Classroom Construction...and More

Festival of Courage: A Beautiful Event

Get Ready for the Festival of Courage

Hello First Grade!

Celebrating Success, Together

Welcoming our Children's Garden Back to Campus

Many Thanks for All You Do

Congratulations to the Waldorf School of Baltimore’s Eighth Grade Class of 2020!

Circle of Light and Eighth Grade Self Portraits

A Picnic, Six Feet Apart

Eighth Graders' Goodbyes and Eighth Grade Self Portraits Week 2

Explore the woods and Eighth Grade Self Portraits

Newborn Baby Jenny At Ms. Arnold's Farm

RAIN As A Tool For Practicing Mindfulness

Warmest Wishes For Peace and Health

Waldorf Team Quarterfinalist In Mathcounts Video Challenge

Parenting Advice

Paul's Place

Eurythmy Assembly I

Third Grade Tea Party

Waldorf Fair on March 6 & 7

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part I

Pep Rally

Second Grade Explores Nature Studies

Tower of Power competition winners

Fourth Grade Paintings

First Grade Pattern Design

Festival of Light

A Big Warm Thank You

Woodland Play

Thanksgiving Assembly

Grade 5 Play: The Epic of Gilgamesh

Grade 5 Crafting Art for the Gala Raffle

Grade 8 field trip to Hampton Mansion

Lantern Festival at Patterson Park

T-I-A-N-A, The 7th Grade Play

Children's Garden Autumn Festival

Nikia Kigler, Fine Artist Talk

Festival of Courage: Tug of War

The Seventh Grade and the International Climate Strike

100 Years of Waldorf Parent Breakfast

Meet the Student Council

Back To School Night

Welcome Back

First Grade Play


Congratulations to our 1st grade class who preformed their play Snow White, Rose Red this week.

Track and Field

Congratulations to the WSB students on a great season! The final meet was held this past Wednesday at Coppin State.

Spring Sports 

May Day!!

These events are an important and meaningful part of our festival and community life here at Waldorf School of Baltimore. They are possible because of a supportive engaged community.
Thank you all who helped make our celebration a success!

Sixth Grade Squires


Alumni Sam Gallagher (class of 2012) came back to get help suiting up for a joust from the sixth grade. The students are currently studying the Medieval era.

Eurythmy Assembly II


On Friday, March 15, we had our second eurythmy assembly. Congratulations to Ms. Peterson and to grades: 1, 2, 5, and 6 for your eurythmy work, it was a wonderful and joyful program!

8th grade play!

The 2018-2019 Annual Fund

Your Annual Fund donation is a gift for all students.

Why giving to the Annual Fund is important


Most families budget to give to one or more charities each year. As you likely know, tuition revenue (just like at any other independent school) does not cover the entire costs of our children's education.

The difference comes mainly from families giving a little extra. For me, currently my children's education is the top priority and so two thirds of my household's annual giving is dedicated to the Waldorf School of Baltimore. Environmental groups, human rights causes and others doing important work get a little less since I’ve been a parent here. I’m giving extra back so our school can maintain its standards of excellence in teaching and continue to grow.

I hope that you, too, will consider a gift. Look out for a mailing this weekend. For those of us who pay tuition in installments, March into April is the best time to budget a gift! Thank you all for your unwavering support for our school.

Jo Keller Development Manager (Ben, 8th, and Max, 5th)

Please make an investment in our school and consider a gift today. Our goal is 75% parent participation and $105,000. You may contribute with a check, payable to Waldorf School of Baltimore. On-line donations are also welcomed at

Current giving by grade so far:
Violet 25%
Willow 0%
Butterfly 0%
Sunflower 5%
1 0%
2 21%
3 8%
4 0%
5 31%
6 6%
7 16%
8 33%

Our 7th Grade's Intestines

If you were to take your digestive system out of your body and lay it out flat, it would surprise you how long it is!

In this investigation, the seventh graders made models of their own digestive systems by measuring and cutting yarn to represents lengths of different parts of the system and knotting the pieces together to form one long string. 

Aerodynamic/Robotics Club

The Aerodynamic/Robotics club had test flights with the the planes they build. 

The class built their own planes from building material (not a kit), added an electric motor, and used a radio transmitter/receiver to control the plane while learning to fly.

A special thanks to David Freitag (alumni parent and Board Member) for mentoring and inspiring our WSB avatars. 


On Thursday, February 28th, the birthday of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, we had our first eurythmy assembly of the year. Congratulations to Ms. Peterson and to grades: 3, 4, 7 and 8 for your collective and joyful eurythmy work, it was a golden program!

5th Grade play

Tower of Power at JHU!


JHU’s Tower of Power competition took place on the 15th. WSB came in 3rd (only middle school to place). The tower had a very complex, sturdy base and was still standing tall till the end. Congratulations to Rebekah 8th, Taaj 7th, and Jourdan 6th.

The 5th grade class performed Ramayana, a major Hindu epic of ancient India.  



"Waldorf Makes the Most
of Winter Weather."

Check in to the blog to see what's going on with our Sustainability program.







Parent vs Student Annual Basketball Game

Our top team!
Tower of Power


It was close but our top team (Rebekah 8th, Taaj 7th, Jourdan 6th) won with a height of 146 cm tall.
Our middle students work in teams of three to build a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows. The top 5 winning teams across all schools will be invited to JHU’s Tower of Power competition to build their towers again and compete with undergraduate students, alumni, and faculty teams.


The 7th grade and a 4500 mile journey!

If you walked passed the art room last Monday you would have ‘heard’ the silence of our 7th grade being taken on a 4500 mile journey by Ben Gallagher (8th grade Class of 2006) and Madi Landrum. Ben and Madi hiked the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails in 2018 and brought their stories to Waldorf. The 7th grade learned about getting scurvy, encountering wild life, enjoying the generosity of Trail Angels, navigating the realities of living in a tent for a year …. and the beauty of being in the wilderness.

Students enjoyed eating trail food (homemade fruit leather), finding out how the water purifier works, and asking questions about bear mace, what they missed most, why they did it…. and a whole lot more.

Thank you to Ben and Madi.

A favorite spot on the Appalachian Trail.

Family and friends mailed prepared food boxes to towns along the trail. Ben demonstrates  innovative hiking techniques.

All Parents Evening

We are trying to determine whether to reschedule the event.
Please contact Karen at if you are interested on attending on another evening.

6:30pm – refreshments and community conversations

7:00pm – program starts

Childcare will be provided.

Cost of childcare $5 a family, please click here to register by January 27

Our faculty is pleased to lead a series of workshops and conversations in response to some of the most frequently asked question we receive. Join the conversation. Bring your questions. Choose from one of these important topics.

Waldorf 101

Ever wonder why we do things the way we do at Waldorf? Join us to explore the foundations and fundamentals of the Waldorf program your child experiences. Your questions will help guide this session.

Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

Children begin developing their social and emotional skills in early childhood. They continue to navigate this territory as they move into the lower grades and emerge as middle schoolers.

What are some of the ways we direct and guide them in school and at home to support their independence in developing healthy relationships and setting and following appropriate boundaries?

Raising Children in a Digital World

What does research and experience show that can help parents navigate a safe and wise developmentally healthy approach to their child’s exposure and interaction with electronic media? We will discuss this topic together and then divide into Children’s Garden, Lower School, and Middle School groups to dive deeper into tools and strategies.


Tower of Power!

Students had a practice session this week to prepare for the contest next week.Our middle students work in teams of three to build a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows. The top 5 winning teams across all schools will be invited to JHU’s Tower of Power competition to build their towers again and compete with undergraduate students, alumni, and faculty teams.



Previous Events

Winter Weather at Waldorf!

Students and staff enjoying
the first snow of the year.

Snowboard and photos courtesy of Perry Gross.

Second Grade Play

The Second grade preformed their play, Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia is a a festival of light that heralds the Yuletide, celebrated on December 13, the Winter Solstice. In the Swedish tradition, Santa Lucia brings light in the time of darkness. Her head is crowned with lit candles, and she brings light and nourishment to all. 

This year the 2nd Grade took a field trip to Sollers Pt. Tech High School to bake Santa Lucia buns with high school students and Jeff Smith, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Wolf Smith's husband. After the play the children delivered the buns to all the classes. In Waldorf schools, all children participate in plays in every grade, and share the benefits and joy of the process.

Winter Assembly 






Braving the elements
in Forest Aftercare!



As the weather turns colder, forest aftercare is adjusting To a new season.

Campfires, hot cider, and stargazing are perfect for cool nights. Building a fire also builds an appetite of course, so we have to make time to roast marshmallows over the fire for our s’mores!



Lantern Walks 




Blue skies, bright red everywhere, fiery dragon, warriors, farmers, townspeople, king, queen! 


A pageant with a happy ending, games for all the children, bulbs planted around the trees, and ferocious tug-of-war.

Followed by delicious ice cream for all. What a wonderful Festival of Courage!



The Waldorf School of Baltimore is thrilled to welcome back our 4 chickens!



After a summer break with one of our parents, Peanut, Fluffy, Midnight and Star are back home.

The hens give all of our students a fantastic opportunity to learn about life cycles, biology and ecology, and the responsibility of caring for another living thing.

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