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Ecoliteracy & Sustainability Program

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Fostering a lifelong connection with nature.

The Waldorf School of Baltimore is deeply committed to developing each child’s capacity to stand in healthy relation to the earth. The goal of our ecoliteracy and sustainability initiatives are to empower students with the knowledge, confidence, and ethical foundation to meet the challenges they will face in modern society with depth, imagination, and purpose.


WSB has been an official Maryland Green School since 2010. Since then, we have continued to explore and expand the vision of what it means to be a green school and socially responsible member of our larger community. WSB is also an official Eco-School and Certifed Wildlife Habitat. The WSB Green Committee, composed of parents and staff, instills stewardship, appreciation, and love for all living things by intertwining our educational experience with the land around us. .

WSB’s Top 5 Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Work days to remove introduced invasive plants, restore the land with native and edible plants.
  2. All of our events are virtually waste-free.
  3. The Student Council started a school-wide TerraCycle Program. Thus far, this student-led program has helped save acres of wildlife habitat in the United States and has provided clean drinking water to villages throughout Africa.
  4. The students & faculty are currently working on an “Enhanced Schoolyard Plan” that incorporates permaculture methods into our landscape.
  5. 100% of our school’s electricity is offset by renewable energy.