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Board Of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Prepared. Purposeful. Positive.

Welcome to the pages of the Board of Trustees.

Here you will find information about our members, our purpose, and our responsibilities. We’ll also explain how we distribute work among our committees. Our hope is that every reader will come to understand the scope of the Board’s authority and its role in ensuring that the unique mission of our school is achieved.

The Board of Trustees works to ensure the existence of quality Waldorf education in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We assure the public that we provide a quality service: that the school's administrative policies and procedures meet all fiscal and legal requirements, as well as those set by our several accrediting bodies (State of Maryland, AIMS, AWSNA, WECAN); that the operating budget is sound; that the Executive Director is effective; and that there is a strategic plan that guides the entire school in working collaboratively to carry out its mission. A board does not involve itself in specific academic matters or individual student or employee concerns; its primary responsibilities are administrative and strategic. It works from a future-bearing perspective.

As described above, the Board does not play a unique role at WSB in comparison with other private schools. However, its members do strive to establish collaborative ways of working together in a consensus-based model and it works in partnership with the Executive Director in strategic planning and includes faculty members among its own members.

The Board works closely with the Executive Director so that it can understand the concerns of faculty, staff and parents. It also has a representative serving on the Central Team and attending the meetings of the Parents Association so that issues of board concern can make their way onto agendas of board meetings. The Board strives to build a holistic perspective around each decision it must make, educating every member to be aware of the many aspects of each question so that it can reach informed decisions that serve the well-being of the whole school.

As a board, we hold the responsibility to ensure that WSB can carry out its mission in a deeply heartfelt way… our school’s unique approach to education inspires members of the Board to bring their very best selves to their task every day!


The Waldorf School of Baltimore educates and inspires children to think, feel and act with depth, imagination and purpose.


Get In Touch

Being open and accessible are key principles for the Board of Trustees. We welcome your input and inquiries about the work of the Board and its committees. Please contact us:

Board of Trustees
Waldorf School of Baltimore
4801 Tamarind Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21209

tel: 410-367-6808

President: Jonathan Prozzi

Board Documents

Please use the list below to access critical documents related to Board requirements and activities.

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