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Lower School

Lower School

The Waldorf Lower School educates the whole child - head, heart, hands.
The Waldorf Lower School educates the whole child—head, heart, hands.

Lower School teaching aims to develop individuality and freedom balanced with cooperation and collaboration. Academic subjects such as math, reading, and writing are introduced in ways that nurture students’ natural curiosity and imagination. Subjects are brought to life through multicultural and history-based stories. Drama, painting, drawing and movement are used to lead students in learning beyond the memorization of facts. Students learn that even the most abstract concepts can be concretely grounded in the real world.

Our curriculum is consciously interdisciplinary and provides a balance among the arts, humanities, and sciences. Students approach each subject from many different perspectives, achieving a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and the ability to draw increasingly complex connections.

Students compose and illustrate their own textbooks—one of the unique aspects of a Waldorf education. These are created carefully during the longest subject time of the day, called main lesson. As the children progress through the grades, these subjects become increasingly complex.

We believe that creativity is the key to empowering children because at the heart of creativity is better consciousness of one’s own self. With better consciousness, children can make better choices about who they want to be, what they want to do, and where they want to go.

We believe that each student possesses their own unique gift of creativity, that’s why our educators adapt their lessons to help students discover, explore, and nurture their creative and problem-solving potential. More than anything else, the Waldorf Lower School focuses on bringing clarity, enhancing creativity, and making the life experience better for your children. Our educators will guide your little one through a cognitive, emotional, and spiritual journey designed to equip them with a strong foundation for learning and personal growth.

Eurythmy, Spanish, music, games or physical education, fiber arts, woodwork and other subjects complement and strengthen main lessons throughout the year. This balanced approach to education deepens each child’s understanding by engaging the whole student—intellect, emotions, and physical experience. Eventually students possess the confidence to view the world of ideas as something they can use to make a difference for themselves and for their communities.

Traditions such as seasonal celebrations, festivals, and school performances play a major role in Waldorf education. They bring the whole community together, and the students look forward to when it is their chance to enact a certain part reserved for a specific class. Our calendar is full of such memory-building rites of passage.

The Waldorf Lower School caters to parents and communities in many areas in Maryland, including Baltimore, Towson, Columbia, Glen Burnie, and Westminster. To learn more, email the Admissions Office or call: 410-367-6808, ext. 202

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Name Position Departments Extension
Cody, Lisa Librarian Faculty
Fuqua, Calla Movement and Physical Education Teacher Faculty, Physical Education/Sports 410-367-6808 ext 381
Guilbaud, Angélie Class Teacher Board of Trustees, Faculty
Harris, Christina Educational Support Specialist Past Parent, Faculty, Tutoring & Testing
Jung, Maren Applied Fiber Arts Teacher Faculty, Handwork
Liss, Cecilia Academic Director Administration, Past Parent, Collegium 410-367-6808 ext 209
Marvenko-Athas, Christa Visiting School Counselor Administration
McCullough, Kathleen Class Teacher Faculty
Park, John Eurythmy Accompanist Faculty
Pasion, Graciela Spanish Teacher, Collegium Member Faculty, Language 410-367-6808 ext 380
Saunders, Sudip Eurythmy Teacher Faculty, Eurythmy
Valencia, Jennifer Class Teacher Past Parent, Faculty
Weisheit, Kim Choral Music Teacher, Chair, Festivals Committee Past Parent, Faculty, Music, Festivals Committee 410-367-6808 ext 363
Winegrove, Caitlin Class Teacher Faculty