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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden
Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden

Programs for Pre-K 2's-4's, Kindergarten, and Forest Kindergarten | Named 2022 Parents Choice: Best of Baltimore, Best Preschool, by Baltimore's Child Magazine

The Waldorf School of Baltimore is a nurturing and self-affirming space where children can relax, grow and learn at their own pace. We understand that joyful education begins in Early Childhood and that a child's intellectual, physical and social-emotional capacities will develop to their fullest when they are built up gradually and introduced in a developmentally-appropriate manner, with age-appropriate activities.

Young children are naturally curious about the world. They learn through observing and imitating what they see.

Our early childhood program is called the "Children’s Garden". Here they are safe and secure in their surroundings, in an environment that is child-centered, warm and nature-immersed. Waldorf teachers nurture each child’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and innate ability to learn.

Young children process information through their many senses. Our sensory-rich learning environment is one that upholds the values of empathy, respect, kindness, compassion, and understanding. We provide well-selected, natural, learning materials and activities that propel your child’s imagination while making them feel right at home.

In the Children’s Garden, the consistent rhythmic structure of the day is geared to the developmental needs of young children. Each day includes free play, extensive outdoor exploration, and teacher-lead activities such as story-telling, a movement rich seasonal circle, gardening, painting, and eurythmy . Every experience is intentionally structured to help children form the initial building blocks for long-term academic, social, and emotional success.

Our rich language program, where beautiful and complex stories from various cultures and countries are presented orally or accompanied by puppetry, feeds children’s imagination, builds vocabulary, and supports the development of literacy. Students learn to listen respectfully, concentrate, and craft their own mental images. Teachers plant the seeds of empathy through the care and nurturing they give each child, serving as role models for the development of loving hearts.

Daily activities, such as preparing meals and caring for the classroom, allow children to explore early concepts of math and chemistry, build social skills, and practice real-world problem-solving. Students also celebrate life and the changing of the seasons with festivals and activities.

The Waldorf School of Baltimore's Children's Garden educates and inspires children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose. As a Maryland Green School, our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs enjoy ample time-in-nature and foster a deep appreciation for the planet. We attract families from diverse communities in and around the greater Baltimore area

To learn more, email the Admissions Office or call: 410-367-6808, ext. 202.