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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden
Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden

Programs for Pre-K 2's-4's, Kindergarten, and Forest Kindergarten | Named Parents Choice: Best of Baltimore, Best Preschool, by Baltimore's Child Magazine

At the Waldorf School of Baltimore, the magic of childhood meets the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Our preschool and kindergarten programs are more than just a stepping stone; they are nurturing haven where young minds blossom and curiosity flourishes.

Pre-Kindergarten (2.5 - 4's)

Our early childhood program, often called "The Children’s Garden" is an environment that is child-centered, warm and nature-rich. Here we model and uphold the values of empathy, respect, kindness, compassion, and understanding. Here, we nurture each child’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and innate ability to learn social, emotional, and physical skills.

In our nature-immersed preschool program, every day is an opportunity for hands-on exploration. Whether it's planting seeds in our garden, listening to the melody of birdsong during circle time, or feeling the texture of leaves during a nature walk, our students are not just learning about the world—they are living it. Our holistic approach to early childhood education is designed to spark imagination, foster creativity, and lay the groundwork for a solid academic future. Here, play is not just a pastime; it's a powerful tool for cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Immersed in a warm and supportive environment, our children embark on a journey of exploration and discovery at Waldorf. Our experienced, Waldorf-trained educators understand the unique needs of young children, guiding them through a carefully crafted curriculum that integrates play, nature, rich language program, and artistic expression. From storytelling and wet-on-wet- watercolor painting to baking bread to outdoor adventures and rhythmic activities, every moment is an opportunity for growth and joy.

At Waldorf School of Baltimore Preschool, we recognize that early childhood is a pivotal time for building the foundation of lifelong learning. Our dedicated teachers create a harmonious balance between structured activities and free play all the while ensuring that each child's culture and individuality is cherished and celebrated.

In the Children’s Garden, the consistent rhythmic structure of the day is unhurried, and intentionally meets the developmental needs of young children. Each day includes a long period of active play, snack preparation (chopping veggies for soup, or kneading dough for bread), a shared meal, communal clean-up, activities using natural materials, rest, and a movement rich seasonal circle time.

We understand that children to learn best through experience: to understand nourishment by rolling dough, develop fine motor skills by finger knitting, hammering nails and painting, observe lifecycles by planting gardens, and to appreciate nature by spending a significant portion of their day outdoors, in all seasons, through sunshine, rain, sleet, or snow. Here, nature is not just a backdrop; it's an integral part of our learning environment. Through outdoor exploration and nature-based activities, children develop a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living things.

Marigold Kindergarten and Forest Kindergarten

We offer two distinctive kindergarten classes: the Forest Kindergarten and the Marigold Kindergarten. The Forest Kindergarten provides a unique outdoor classroom experience where students spend the entirety of their day immersed in nature, regardless of the weather. From rain boots and jackets to sun hats and tee shirts, or even snow pants and gloves, children actively engage with the elements. Weather, in all its forms, is embraced as a teachable moment, fostering grit, perseverance and a profound understanding of the natural world. In Forest K, learning is an immersive experience, where children become naturalists, explorers, and storytellers. From building woodland shelters to observing the delicate dance of butterflies, every moment is a lesson in curiosity and wonder.

On the other hand, our Marigold classroom strikes a balance between indoor and outdoor activities, with approximately 50% of the day spent outdoors and 50% indoors. While the Forest Kindergarten thrives in the midst of the woods, the Sunflower Kindergarten enjoys a cozy classroom indoors, providing a versatile learning environment.

Both programs, however, share the time-tested Waldorf Kindergarten curriculum. Rooted in movement-rich circles, captivating storytelling, hands-on activities such as painting and baking, craftwork, and the development of practical skills, these classes are designed to nurture a child's practical, social and emotional exploration. Whether in the heart of nature or within the comforting walls of our indoor space, our commitment to delivering a comprehensive Waldorf experience remains unwavering.

To learn more, email the Admissions Office or call: 410-367-6808, ext. 202.