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Waldorf School of Baltimore Parent & Child Class

Parent & Child Classes

Curiosity Is Fed In Our Children’s Garden
Our youngest students learn through imitation and sensory exploration.


Our Parent & Child classes are specially designed to engage infants and toddlers to age three. Working through the developmentally appropriate means of touch, movement, and imitation, teachers lead parents and their children to explore the world around them through multi- sensory collaboration. This exploration offers a healthy balance between the child’s essential, natural initiative for independence and a safe introduction to peer cooperation.

These classes lay the building blocks for elementary school. Science and math are introduced as tools for the exploration of movement and the physical properties of the natural world through play. Reading is rooted in language acquisition and the development of a rich imagination. Writing begins with strengthening the small motor skills. The teacher gently guides the natural play and interaction of the class towards healthy acquisition of these important skills, while the children complete activities at their own pace, and in their own style.

Woodland Friends is our nature and outdoor based Parent & Child class. Engage your child with nature through imaginative play, gardening activities, and adventurous walks exploring our certified wildlife habitat. Watch as your child experiences spring through stories and songs, along with preparing and sharing wholesome snacks. With the guidance of our Parent Child teacher, young children develop an early appreciation for the natural world, cultivating social skills and a basic understanding of what it means to be part of a larger community of friends.



Summer Parent Child class will be held for six classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks from Aug. 2-13. In each class parents and their children will be able to explore Waldorf education in our beautiful outdoor classrooms. Registration is now open with a limited amount of spaces due to the pandemic.

For Children 10 months to 3 years. Fill your morning with laughter in our beautiful Children's Garden as we prepare and share a wholesome snack, and play and explore in our classrooms. Led by our Early Childhood Teachers. 

Weekend Parent & Child Drop in

Weekend Story time & Play

Weekend Puppets & Play