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Green Team Work Party

Green Team Work Party

Date / Time: 
Saturday, September 10, 2022 - 9:45am - 11:45am

WSB's Green Team Work parties take place monthly, 10am-Noon. We will work together to clear away invasive vines, plants, and debris from the Waldorf Woods. Volunteers should bring their own tools, clean of any mud to prevent introducing weed seeds from elsewhere (no need for special cleaning process, just not muddy). If people have extra tools to share, that’s great too! 

Please note that while children are always welcome at Waldorf, the Work Party will be venturing into portions of the woods that are off-trail and may be difficult to navigate. Tools and other conditions may pose potential hazards. Please use your judgment on deciding if this is the right environment for their age.

 Suggested Tools: 

  • Shoes good for work
  • Work gloves
  • Hand pruners 
  • Loppers 
  • Hand saws 
  • Shovels 
  • Soil knives and hand trowels 

Thank you! We look forward to greeting you Saturday, 9:45AM on the Plaza. 

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