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Board Role


Board Service Agreement

The Board of the Waldorf School of Baltimore focuses more on what the School is than on what it does; its work is mission driven. Board meetings are about the long- term future of the School. They are more about the large decisions than the small, about the ends rather than the means.

Although dependent on committees to research options and factors involved with decision before the Board, the Board does not simply confirm committee decisions. Board meetings occur because of the need for board members to learn together, to consider and deliberate together, to make decisions together. The whole is informed by the perspectives, knowledge and consideration of each member. Each board member always acts out of an interest for the well-being of the whole school.


General Board Member Responsibilities

  • I understand that Board membership is a serious legal responsibility. Collectively and individually, board members carry a fiduciary responsibility for the School.
  • I am committed to attending board meetings and being prepared for them. I understand that our Bylaws stipulate that missing more than three consecutive meetings will require the Board to consider my release from service.
  • I understand that although the Board needs to be transparent about its work, that board discussions and some matters will be confidential. I agree to uphold this confidentiality.
  • I understand that committee work is essential to our Board’s functioning. Therefore, I agree to engage in the work of at least one committee or project annually.
  • I understand that Board membership involves acting as an Ambassador for the School. I agree to support the Windows into Waldorf project in striving to help the school become sustainable.
  • I understand that our Board has committed to 100% participation with regard to fundraising so that we can demonstrate our commitment to others within the school community as well as to other funders and supporters. Therefore, I agree to be a leader and make a financial pledge /contribution at the level that I am able within the first few months of the school year.