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Green Dragon Bytes: The Importance of Getting Muddy

Green Dragon Bytes: The Importance of Getting Muddy

Check out a nature studies blog where Ms. Jung talks about how some good old mud can be good for children of every age.

Getting in the mud, touching it, and having it on your hands, in your hair, and all over your face can be incredibly funny, silly, and actually good for you according to a blog I found. Take a look at the article which outlines how muddy kids are happier, healthier, more relaxed and great leaders.

While the website is talking about young children, the ideas are certainly also still true for older children, and even adults. Letting lose, forgetting about all your troubles for a while, and just being able to experience nature first hand, viscerally, and literally with your hands, face, and your body is beneficial for all ages.

While it is not a thing Nature Studies will do on every rainy day, every once in a while we will get muddy, wet, and happy.

On the sloppiest, muddiest days, please make sure all children have weather appropriate gear for Nature Studies. On rainy spring days this means rain pants, rain coat, and rain boots as the outer layer, and depending on how warm or cold it is, including appropriate layers underneath. Nature studies can also mean walking to a brook and looking for crayfish and other animals living in the water, so water tight shoes(rubber boots) are always a good idea.

Rain pants and/or some kind of boot (whether rainboots, or hiking boots) are even a good idea in the summer, because they're a good deterrent against ticks.

Maren Jung is the Forest Explorers Director and our Nature Studies Teacher. Learn more about WSB's sustainability initiatives.

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