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Board Of Trustees Committees

Get To Know Our Board


The Board has established several standing and advisory committees.


Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Dana Johns (Chair), Tyson Macdonald (Treasurer), Robin Hough (Secretary), Chaddie Hughes (VP), Peg Rawle (VP), Larry Canner (Board Member), Pat Whitehead (Executive Director)


  1. To set agendas for board meetings and coordinate efforts so that all needed information for decision making is made available.
  2. To act on behalf of the Board between meetings on any items forwarding progress of work approved by the Board.
  3. To act on behalf of the Board when a full board meeting is not possible given requirements of decision making in a crisis or a time-bound issue.


Finance Committee

Tyson Macdonald (Chair), Dana Johns, Laura Freitag, Earle Pratt; [Pat Whitehead, Linda Zandler]


To provide oversight of the financial affairs of the school.

  1. Develop and annual operating and capital budget for board approval.
  2. Monitor the financial performance of the school in relation to the budgets.
  3. Develop financial policies
  4. Report an annual audit to the Board.
  5. Engage in short-term and long-term financial planning.
  6. Review parent request concerning enrollment contracts.


Board Nominations & Board Development Committee

Kelly Emerson (Chair), Alexandrea Arnold, Larry Canner, Laura Connolly, Jo Keller


To build and maintain an effective board of trustees to work in partnership with the Collegium and the School.

  1. To recruit, vet, and nominate qualified candidates to increase the Board’s capacity to succeed at its work of ambassadorship, stewardship, and fundraising.
  2. To coordinate the orientation and on-going education of board members.
  3. To lead the Board’s annual self-evaluation.


Strategic Planning Committee

Peg Rawle (Chair), Charlotte Landgraf, Dana Johns, Tyson Macdonald, Larry Schugham, Pat Whitehead


Engages in a formal strategic planning process every 5 years.

  1. Oversees and monitors progress of the 2012-17 Strategic Plan.
  2. Conduct an annual review of the plan, proposing revisions and priority re alignment as needed.
  3. Ensures the goals of the Strategic Plan are communicated to the WSB community


Board Personnel Committee

Mike Allen (Chair), Reid LaClair, Alexandrea Arnold


To ensure the WSB is fully and satisfactorily served by the Exec Director.

  1. To establish a Search Committee, when required, to conduct a transparent, effective and inclusive process to fill any vacancy at the Exec Director level.
  2. To ensure an approved Performance Management (PM) process is in place that encompasses recognized best practice.
  3. To carry out and communicate the results of an annual review/evaluation.
  4. To review/evaluate WSB’s organizational requirements of the leadership structure and job description/s, making recommendations to the BoT.
  5. To work with the Executive Director to ensure consistency of process throughout the organization.
  6. To ensure all concerns regarding grievances, disciplinary, and other matters of employment at the leadership level are processed and acted upon in a professional and expedient manner.
  7. To recommend changes to the Leadership Team compensation, and/or administrative structure as necessary and appropriate.




Advisory Committees

Outreach Committee

Stacie Henderson (Co-Chair), Asaf Keller (Co-Chair), Emily Shaw, Laura Connelly, Chaddie Hughes, Larry Canner


Buildings & Grounds Committee

Pat Whitehead (chair), Noris Friedman, Chaddie Hughes, Peter Garver; [Larry Snyder, Hank Bauer]



Special Committees & Other Special Liaison Roles

Parents Association Liaison: Kelly Emerson

IT Advisors: Will Anderson, Tyson Macdonald

Collegium Appointment: vacant