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Halloween in the Children's Garden

Halloween 2014

A special note for WSB Children's Garden families.

During the week leading up to Halloween, each class will celebrate in their own way. The Children’s Garden faculty asks that your child not bring costumes to school.
If you are organizing a celebration with costumes after school, please be respectful of the choices other families may make by not discussing your plans during school time.

WSB Youth Ambassador of American Diabetes Association

Julia Macdonald

Last week’s Newsbytes contained a link to The Adaptable Mind, a beautifully produced 11 minute video connecting the characteristics of Curiosity, Creativity, Initiative, Empathy, and Multi-Disciplinary Thinking with the ability of humans to flourish and contribute to the world. Integrated in all aspects of a Waldorf education, it is easy to see these characteristics in our students.

Waldorf Fair - “A Magical Family Experience!”

waldorf fair nov 19

Waldorf Fair: “A magical family experience!”

Open House Oct. 25 2:00-4:00 PM

Open House

Join us and find out how your child will build a strong academic foundation for joyful lifelong learning at our Open House Sunday, October 25 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

RSVP for the Open House  |   View the Open House Flyer.

For further information, contact Lynn Bufano, Admissions Manager or call 410-367-6808.

LifeWays Workshop " Life is the Curriculum" at WSB

LifeWays at Waldorf

LifeWays Workshops offer guidance and hands-on experience to give you the understanding and skills you need to transform living and working with young children. A great introduction to the LifeWays training begining in July 2016.

Therapeutic Eurythmy


What is Therapeutic Eurythmy?

Therapeutic Eurythmy is a movement based on modified artistic eurythmy movements.  (See website listing below for more information regarding artistic eurythmy.)  It works on compromised body wellness to help restore harmonious balance, health and well-being.  In this way, it is used for many chronic situations, but may also be practiced preventatively.

Announcing WSB Lower School Nature Study Class

Nature Study

WSB is proud to announce that starting in autumn 2015 we will be offering our 1st through 5th grade students a Nature Study Class, once a week. Our Sustainability Coordinator, Michel Anderson, will be facilitating the course. Over the last year, Michel has been focusing on Sustainability & Nature-based Education in his graduate studies at Antioch University. Nature-based education is about grounding our understanding of the world and its complexities in the beauty of nature.

Visiting Days in the Children's Garden

Visiting Days in CG

July 22 & August 12 
10:00 - 11:00 am 

Camping and Canoeing on the Pocomok

WSB 6th Grade Trip

The sixth and seventh grades went on a camping trip to the Pocomoke River setting up base camp at Shad Landing.  On Wednesday, May 27th, after unpacking our tents, we canoed up Corkers Creek.  Corkers Creek is a small tributary that flows into the Pocomoke River.  It took us about half the canoe trip to actually get the paddling down so we moved effectively along.  On Thursday, May 28th, we got to canoe up the Pocomoke River to Nassawango Creek.

Wilderness Adventure for 8th Graders

WSB 8th Grade Trip

There is a good deal of hand-wringing these days about the sad condition of our nation’s children. “Flabby couch potatoes! Pale, pasty, computer-game addicts!” Yet I’m pleased to report that the Waldorf School eighth grade, to a student, demonstrated exceptional fitness, enthusiasm, and courage during their camping retreat at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing in Virginia. Here are their perceptions of their experience: