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Snow Day Fun: Staying Cozy in the Cold

Snow Day Fun: Staying Cozy in the Cold

```html Embrace the Winter Wonder

Embrace the winter wonder with snow-filled adventures!

Whether it's building snow castles or sledding down hills, the joy of 4 inches of fresh snow is irresistible.

At the Waldorf School of Baltimore, we understand the importance of both emotional and physical warmth for early childhood. While emotional warmth abounds, ensuring your kids stay cozy this Fall and Winter requires some preparation. With global shipping challenges, now is the time to stock up on outdoor gear for your children.

To keep your little ones comfortable in chilly temperatures, we asked our Children’s Garden lead and assistant teachers—the warmth experts at WSB. In a desert-island-style scenario, we posed the crucial question: What's the key to keeping children warm this winter? Here are their top recommendations:

  • Ms. Hannah Moorehead: Invest in a wool base layer for unparalleled warmth, worth every penny.
  • Ms. Jackie Beach: Prioritize the base layer—it's a game-changer.
  • Ms. Tiffany Hamm: Opt for a warm wool sweater, perfect for layering.
  • Ms. Lida Lawrence: Consider a silk base layer for added warmth.
  • Ms. Tara Robinson: Ensure a wool hat that covers the ears for extra protection.
  • Ms. Colleen McGlory: Swear by a wool base layer and double socks for simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Ms. Haley Snyder: Go for a completely waterproof outer layer, especially on wet snow days. Scandinavian brands excel in this area.
  • Ms. Heather Maranto: Stock up on stretchy, well-fitting gloves—more is better!

Curious about outdoor learning at the Waldorf School of Baltimore? Join us for Waldorf 101, a 30-minute prospective parent zoom, or contact our Admissions director, Ilene Wise, at (410) 367-6808. Embrace the outdoors, whatever the weather!

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