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Threads of Understanding

Threads of Understanding

Life Skills

In Maren Jung's Fiber Arts room, the gentle click-clacking of hand crafted knitting needles is sure to put a smile on your face; afterall, it is quite the feat for first grade fine motor skills! But of course, the introduction to knitting at this young age isn't just another skill learned; it's a milestone in their educational journey.

Waldorf educators recognize the importance of making abstract mathematical concepts tangible, and so while it's true that Class Teacher Za Welmers will unveil the quality of numbers, counting, and the four operations in main lesson, it is knitting that reinforces these lessons and encourages mathematical visualization. Numerical fluency is seamlessly woven into the act of counting stitches and rows.

As children knit, they're not just crafting scarves; they're unraveling the threads of mathematical understanding.

What a wonderful way to learn and grow. .

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