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Active Learning in Grade Four

Active Learning in Grade Four

What stands out most from a recent visit to grade four wasn’t the class’s manners, which were exceedingly polite. It wasn’t the dynamic approach to which they were practicing their mathematical equations, which was artistic and lovely. It wasn’t even the excitement of watching the class delve into their pivotal Human-Animal main lesson block, or the stunning chalkboard drawing Ms. Valencia had composed to accompany it.

No, what stands out the most was how ACTIVE the lesson was, how rich and layered the teaching was, and how engaged and enthusiastic the students were

By 10:10 AM on Monday morning, grade four had: • Gotten their blood flowing by skipping rope and practicing times tables • Articulated mathematical equations pictorially, orally and numerically • Acted out complicated spelling words individually and in front of the whole class (have you ever tried to charade your way through the words Caught, Naught, Bought or Sought? It takes a clever mind) • Practiced ASL fingerspelling skills • Recounted the previous week's lesson • Ventured into new territory learning (and drawing) parallels between man and animal.


The class closed their main lesson books with sparkling eyes and satisfaction having meaningfully interacted with the material every step of the way.

This is what Waldorf Education is all about - a hands-on, experiential education that fosters a real love of learning.

Want to learn more about how students at the Waldorf School of Baltimore engage in hands-on, active and experiential learning? Join us for Waldorf 101 a 30 min. prospective parent zoom or dive right and call (410) 367-6808 our Admissions director, Ilene Wise.

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