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Food, Culture, Connection

Food, Culture, Connection

Food, Connection, Culture

Sharing recipes and food is a wonderful and delicious vehicle for introducing children to more than just new flavors and textures; it can be a window into cultural diversity as well.

This week, the Butterfly Preschool Class enjoyed preparing and sampling a new-to-many condiment, mool kimchi, with Lead Teacher, WSB Parent and DEI co-chair, Jackie Beach.

A family favorite in her own home, mool kimchi, which means water kimchi in Korean, is a nutritious and easy-to-prepare cooling summer kimchi made with in-season vegetables, that the children took pride in chopping themselves, preserved in a brine slightly sweetened with apple and Asian pear. Many classmates were eager taste-testers, thrilled to add the crunchy, refreshing bite to bowls of aromatic rice, sunflower seeds and seaweed (called gim in Korean).

It’s moments like these that make it easy to see why snack is an integral part of the curriculum in Waldorf early childhood classes - providing rhythm, ritual, community, nutrition, and culture sharing into the classroom.

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