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Green Dragon Bytes: Edible Weeds!? Discovering Garlic Mustard

Green Dragon Bytes: Edible Weeds!? Discovering Garlic Mustard

Check out a nature studies blog where Ms. Jung takes the first grade class onto a Nature Studies trek through the forest.

First grade seeded, and planted some Milkweed to help the butterflies during Nature Studies on Tuesday.

After that we went for a walk in the woods and learned about an invasive weed you can actually eat!!

Garlic mustard came to the USA from Europe and is very invasive. The animals and insects here in the Maryland do not like to eat it so it can grow and bully out native plants. We picked and pulled out a bunch of garlic mustard and got to take it home.

We also saw a cute little spring ephemeral Virginia Spring Beauty which is a beautiful little Eastern Seaboard native plant. They are rare so we do not pick them. We wanted to make sure they were protected and will grow to their heart's content. So the students built a fence of sticks around them.

Maren Jung is the Forest Explorers Director and our Nature Studies Teacher. Learn more about WSB's sustainability initiatives.

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