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Green Dragon Bytes: Playing in Nature

Green Dragon Bytes: Playing in Nature

Take a look as Ms. Jung leads our Cherry Tree class on fall a nature adventure. Many exciting and imaginative discoveries were made.

The Cherry Tree kiddos discovered the seed pods of an ornamental mesquite tree, ahem pardon me: they found food for the horseys, and kitties and other pets running around the play area. They found swirls, and whirls. They found phones, and magic wands, and oh yeah, if you open them there are beans in there!!

Opening the pods gave them the opportunity to train those small motor muscles that are so important for writing. It was also a good time for sensory play as the pods are soft, and fuzzy on the outside, yet hard to pull apart. The beans inside are smooth, and hard. Some of the beans had curious little holes in them, that led to much discussion as to what had made them. Maybe a bug? A worm? Or maybe a fairy?

This was such a wonderful occasion for observing the multiple ways natural materials, and moreover materials Mother Nature so willingly provides, can be turned into learning moments, and moments of beautiful play.

Children do not need much to be playful, curious, creative, inquisitive, or inspired. All they need are objects foreign enough to provoke them into action.

This was another very good occasion used to provide learning about Mother Nature's beauty and bounty.

Maren Jung is the Forest Explorers Director and our Nature Studies Teacher. Learn more about WSB's sustainability initiatives.

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Early Childhood