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Green Dragon Bytes: Swinging into a New Year

Green Dragon Bytes: Swinging into a New Year

As we returned from our holiday break, our children were eager to get back to observing and questioning nature.


Happy New Year!

In Nature Studies, we have been blessed with some pretty nice weather this week, and everyone had a great time swinging on the vine … until it broke! No one was hurt, no worries, the thick cover of last year’s leaves cushioned the fall.

It was a valuable lesson for the first and second grade children to learn: Mother Nature’s playground is not as durable as the playground on the field behind the school. Another lesson, interestingly enough, was the fact that there was no one to blame! In nature, things break.

Some first and second graders pulled me into an interesting discussion about how trees get born (from a seed in the ground), and how come they have green leaves (we left that at isn’t nature wondrous!), and also how does the water from the ground get up all the way to the leaves (sap).

Have a wonderful weekend!


Please enjoy the snapshots I captured during our time in the woods.



Maren Jung is the Forest Explorers Director and our Nature Studies Teacher. Learn more about WSB's sustainability initiatives.

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