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Helping Your Child Find Joy in Independent Play

Helping Your Child Find Joy in Independent Play

During this hectic time, children can be ushered into developing valuable life skills.

Allowing children to have ample amounts of self-directed, independent play is a healthy way for children to develop skills that can be used later in life, according to a New York Times article.

Free play is a part of our Children’s Garden daily rhythms. Waldorf children are able to develop imagination while working through challenges with free play during their earliest developmental years and experts say these skills can last a lifetime.

In our Children’s Garden kids are able to create their own scenarios and discover problems to solve. Allowing them to figure out their own solutions through play helps the children develop decision-making skills, creative thinking and adaptability. These skills continue to grow throughout their time in our Children’s Garden as students rise up through the grades and eventually into adulthood.

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This article appeared in the New York Times on April 3, 2020.