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Home for the Hens

Home for the Hens

Community Partnership Paves Way for Chickens to Return to Waldorf

The Chicken Coop Has Arrived!

The newly hand-crafted coop, installed Friday in the area of campus known as Juneberry Forest, represents the physical culmination of Grade Three's hard work researching and drawing design ideas and studying chicken care basics.

Our hens' future home was designed by the class, with guidance from the Anything Wood and Metal Team. Students helped develop the look of the coop, decided together to add wheels for easy run cleaning, and helped plan the location of the hatch to access the nesting boxes.

Thanks to the amazing generosity (all time and materials were 100% donated by Anything Wood and Metal) and talent of the team at the local Woodberry woodshop, we were able to fulfill the double lesson of shelter building AND of community kindness.

We can't wait to welcome our chickens to their new home this Spring! See the full news scoop here:

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