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Jump to It

Jump to It

Jump to it

You may have noticed that at the Waldorf School of Baltimore we have a soft spot for jump ropes. It’s a pedagogical staple at many ages and stages for reasons that go well beyond mere nostalgia or a physical exercise.

Imagine a 4 or 5 year old just being introduced to skipping rope. Their challenge often starts by simply jumping over stationary line- honing coordination and complex gross motor skills by moving rhythmically from left to right.

Now, picture the same student, a few years later, waiting at the cusp of a quickly turning rope— here is a moment requiring projection into a three-dimensional space. Jumping rope demands a mindful entrance into a realm defined by above-below, forward-backward, and left-right dimensions. The turning rope becomes a guide within this space, shaping a dance where spatial awareness is not just activated but becomes a dynamic and intentional focus. Within this multidimensional envelope, students navigate with precision, jumping into the middle of the space and choosing when to exit. And just think, this is all before they start adding in the times tables!

So, while it may look like all fun and games, trust us, it’s anything but.

We say it time and time again, there is a value and a purpose to everything we do here at Waldorf. Life Skills seamlessly merge with educational tools and techniques which lay a rock-solid foundation for future success. .

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