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Life Skills

Life Skills

Life Skills

The power of concentration. Attention to detail. Counting stitches. Correcting mistakes. Perseverance. Pride. Waldorf Education has long known the vast value of knitting. And yet, it seems, what we needed to get the rest of the country on board with this enormously important Hand Craft, is a global pandemic and the subsequent endorsement from our former First Lady. Whatever the reason, we are here for it.

While promoting her book, “The Light We Carry” which she describes as “a collection of practices and perspectives that I draw on when I need to stay balanced and confident, especially in times of anxiety and stress” Michelle Obama, has, now famously, named her newfound hobby of knitting to be an important tool in the toolbox for curbing mental chaos.

She writes, “In all my decades of staying busy, I had always presumed that my head was fully in charge of everything, including telling my hands what to do. …Knitting…reversed the flow. It buckled my churning brain into the back seat and allowed my hands to drive the car for a while. It detoured me away from my anxiety, just enough to provide some relief.”

We say it time and time again, there is a value and a purpose to everything we do here at Waldorf. Life Skills seamlessly merge with educational tools and techniques which lay a rock-solid foundation for future success. .

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