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Screen Time Impacts Teen Mental Health

Screen Time Impacts Teen Mental Health

A new study finds teen mental health is impacted by screen time and participation in extracurricular activities, according to CNN.

A study found that teens who are spending less than two hours of time on a screen and participating in extracurricular activities are experiencing less anxiety and depression, according to a CNN article.

Although the study was conducted prior to the pandemic, the results are compelling as more students are logging on to their classes remotely. At the Waldorf School of Baltimore, we consistently evaluate how we are balancing screen time with learning opportunities offline. Our balanced approach is highlighted in our blog post published in April as we transitioned into full distance learning mode. Presently, we are working with remote learning for part of the day and giving students the option to come on campus for learning opportunities as well.

Our campus is screen free and encourages students to tune in to the moment they're in without digital technology. Exploring nature and movement are important to each child's health and a core part of our developmental approach to learning.

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