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Snow Much Fun

Snow Much Fun

Snow days have arrived, and with them all kinds of seasonal fun, from snow castles to sledding, snowballs to snow angels. This week, students of every age and grade were unable to resist the inherent joy found in 3-4 inches fresh snowfall. >

"This is the BEST DAY of my LIFE" exclaimed one exuberant first grader, "This is amazing!" laughed a nearby third grader, speeding down the hillside on a sled.

The Waldorf School of Baltimore's commitment to outdoor play, for all ages, is one of the many wonderful reasons families choose to educate their children here. After all, with such a rigorous and purposeful curriculum we must allow time for all that knowledge to sink in, and what better way than by taking a break to savor the season and celebrate the beauty of these fleeting cold, snowy days.

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