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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

While relishing October’s warm sunny days and cool damp mornings that encourage the trees to don crimson cloaks, it would be wise to remember that early whispers of Autumn soon give way to Jack Frosts earnest howls.

The importance of warmth in early childhood cannot be understated. While there will never be a shortage of emotional warmth at the Waldorf School of Baltimore, some physical warmth provisions must be provided. With shipping delays and shortages common in our current global climate, now might just be the time to start padding your children’s wardrobes with the outdoor garb they will need to keep cozy this Fall and Winter.

But what do you really need to keep your children comfortable and happily playing outdoors when temperatures plummet?

To answer this important question we turned to our wonderful Children’s Garden lead and assistant teachers- aka WSB’s warmth experts- by asking them the if-you-had-to-choose / desert-island-style scenario question: what is the most important thing you can equip children with to keep them warm and toasty this winter? Here is what a few of them had to say:

Ms. Hannah Moorehead: Wool base layer! Oh my goodness yes. When we were outside almost exclusively last winter this made the biggest difference for our children who had them. It can be pricey, but it’s very much worth it.

Ms. Jackie Beach: I am all about the base layer.

Ms. Tiffany Hamm : A warm wool sweater. Nothing provides warmth like wool, and a sweater is a great layering piece to take on and off as needed.

Ms. Lida Lawrence : Silk base layer!

Ms. Tara Robinson: A wool hat, being certain that it covers the ears.

Ms. Colleen McGlory: Wool base layer! Last year was my first year investing in a wool base layer and it was a game changer! In fact, I am pretty excited to wear it again this year. I am also a big fan of double socks – simple and effective!

Ms. Haley Snyder: A completely waterproof outer layer. On a sloshy-wet-snow day, it won’t matter how warm your clothes are underneath if the outer layers aren’t completely waterproof. Scandinavian brands tend to be the best for this, and even go so far as to have various waterproof ratings but the main thing is that reads waterproof – not water resistant.

Ms. Heather Maranto: A million pairs of stretchy, well fitting gloves.

Want to learn more about how students at the Waldorf School of Baltimore learn and play outdoors, in any weather? Join us for Waldorf 101 a 30 min. prospective parent zoom or dive right and call (410) 367-6808 our Admissions director, Ilene Wise.

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