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School Event

5th Grade Play-TH

Grades 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 will watch teh 5th grade play in the TH at 9am.

50 Artists: 50 Years - Alumni Art Exhibition

The Waldorf School is hosting an Alumni Art Exhibition on Sunday, April 24th, in celebration of the school's 50th Birthday. Curated by, and featuring the works of Ms. Edna Emmett, this exhibition will feature diverse works from multiple generations of artists who all share the same foundational beginning at the Waldorf School of Baltimore.

Please RSVP so we may plan for your attendance:

TH blocked - 8th grade play

Any internal events or hall requirements during this time need to be coordinated with Ms Jones.

8th Grade Play-TH-1pm

8th grade perform their play 4 times (Wed - in house, Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday matinee)