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Community of Care

Community of Care

A Community of Care

When we ask alums to look back on their time spent at WSB and reflect on what distinguished their elementary years from later schooling, a common phrase is often repeated: it just felt like everyone there really CARED.

It’s true…and it matters.

Not only is a joyful, connected and moral approach to education more enjoyable, but studies have shown that students who know that their teachers and school community care deeply about them are more likely to be engaged and learning at a high level.

This common thread of care takes myriad forms, but for one happy first grader, on Monday, it looked like a jubilant cheer and elbow-bump from their teacher and warm congratulations from classmates on a lost little tooth. It also meant a trip to the office for their very own hand-folded origami tooth box, a much loved WSB tradition. Students delight in choosing their favorite, as teachers/staff in donating their time to making them.

Milestones, big or small, we are celebrating students every step of the way, each and every day.

What a wonderful way to learn and grow.

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